I still don't feel that well. i've had this mild FM flare going on, but it doesn't take much to make you feel like crap. Plus i've had some kind of stomach issue since Thursday, cramps, bloating, pain, gurgling...yuck! It's not like my usual ibs, which will only affect me one day out of the week on average. This has been days in a row. And my left foot still hurts to walk on. It's been a month since that bad fall and the purple is gone but I still can't put all my weight on it yet. my next doc appt is june 13th, i guess I will ask her if I can see a podiatrist. MAybe there is a better brace I can get to help heal it faster. Fri, I made lamb chops with apples again. MMMM!!! They were soooo good! Sat, Matt and I went to the beach with Bill, Gaile, and mom. We actually had some big waves for June, so we had fun getting swooshed around by them. Sun, my sweetie and I did a couple of errands in the Morning, but after that I wasn't feeling well enough to go out for anything. So we relaxed and played tetris together. For Sun night dinner, my honey actually cooked for me! He made hamburger helper but it meant a lot to me and it tasted pretty good! After we all ate, I thanked him and he said, "See...i'm not worthless!" I laughed and hugged him and told him that if he was worthless, I wouldn't even waste my time with him! I told him he was so sweet for cooking for me. In other news, I finally got to talk to the lady at the vet center about starting my group, she said the grant thing is still in the works, so she can't help with expenses yet. i guess i will go back to the president of the organization again and see if they are still willing to fund the poster pamphlet thing like originally planned. Once again, I would like to thank everyone that has been so supportive and encouraging. I would have never tried to start this group if it weren't for you. YOU ARE THE INSPERATION FOR THIS GROUP! Thank you!