I woke up today coughing from an asthma attack. I reached over for my inhaler I keep next to my bed and took a poof. It calmed down just a lil, but I was getting worried because I continued to cough and felt the rumbling in my lungs. I went down stairs and took it with me and sat in the rocking chair debating on whether or not I should take another poof. I decided not to since I started to feel better. I hate waking up that way.Good news is... Matthew called and they sent him back out of the field to stand barracks duty instead. lol! I guess they finally figured with his carpal tunnel, he is no use being out in the field. HA HA stupid Marine Corps! Holy cow...does this mean they are actually thinking?? Stand by... this could be huge!! Well I guess we shouldn't get too excited yet, we can't expect too much from them. Maybe i'll get to see him tonight?? MAybe? I hope!