Been hangin w my yummy man. We went to Waimea Falls yesterday since he's never been there, but the falls were closed for swimming. So we went to sharks cove again to hang out, it was fun and the sun was shining super bright! I got to chase fish again including one huge one with a horn coming out of it's head! Bill, mom's buddy, said it was called a unicorn fish! ...a unicorn fish?? Wow, who would have guessed they really exist? So now when a kid ever asks if they exist, u can tell them they do!! Only it's not a's a freakin fish! lolDespite my annoying back pain that makes me walk like a penguin, I've bn feeling pretty good. I just hope that I don't have to start those nasty epidural injections again. Hopefully this pain begins to subside again a bit, cuz those injections made me gain about 30 lbs before, which took like 1 & 1/2 years to lose.This month is the last month I got paid the same amount as my disability rating should grant. Thanks to the back stabbing DOD, I will be cut back over $200 starting next month for a very long time. I'm so bummed about it... I don't know how to keep my head above the water with such low income. Still waiting for that SSDI claim to go through...again. I guess will see where thhis crap goes.