My back was KILLING me lastnight! It didn't matter which way I layed, it just hurt. My vertabraes felt like each one wanted to go in an opposit direction than the one next to it. I couldn't fall asleep for what felt like hours. I was too lazy to get up and get a Tylonol3 either, so I just tossed and turned. My poor kitty was so annoyed by the restlessness. I want my old spine back! Just a few things weighing on my mind...Everyday I wake up, I have no energy to move or do anything. Once I get down to the kitchen table, nibble on some things and take all my morning meds, I sit in a haze daze for several hours. I can't process anything my mom talks's like there's nobody home. I don't know how other people that have fibro do it. Everyday I go to DS and read about people doing things like chores or going somewhere with someone...I don't know how they do it. Every cell in my body feels like its struggling... it's like I'm zombified. And when my mom says, "Come on...we gotta go here, we gotta go do this..." my body just wants to crawl into a hole and stay there. No motivaton... My muscles feel like jelly most of the time, they feel like they just want to melt off my bones. It's a horrible feeling and sometimes I just want to scream. I see other people doing things and I envy them, like my mom gets up and does chores around the house. The only motivation I ever really have is to get to the beach and get in the water. Once I get there it's like a breath of fresh air...If I didn't have the beach, honestly, I would have lost my marbles a long time ago. I would have been in a padded room by now, seriously... or maybe a psychotic serial killer. I don't know. I thank God everyday for the ocean, it is my place of serenity.