Poor Matthew...he called me this morning really upset at his chain of command. They stuck him on day-on-day-off duty in the barracks and he has college every Tue and Thu. So he can't concentrate on class AND stand duty at the same time. He was so frantic and was looking for any way out of it, even thought of hurting himself to get out of it. I told him that was the chicken way out. He should talk to his command about it and/or go to the chaplain, that's what they're there for. He felt very discouraged about talking to anyone in fear of pissing them off. I said he has to weigh them both out; standing duty and screwing up classes, or pissing higher ranks off and doing well in school. Which is the lesser evil, I asked him. In other words, he is definetly getting out of the military, so education should be more important at this time, so do the right thing. I told him how I pissed off my whole chain of comand back in the day and pretty much the whole base, because I refused to get shitted on. But what did I have to lose? Just coming into the Marine Corps as a female brought plenty hatred against me, being that the Corps is very male dominent. Many males are a offended by us females doing what they do and therefore believe we should not be there. In my oppinion, the Corps should only be for a certain type of female, the ones that won't sleep around and wont get mixed up by so many manipulative horny males. Ones that are strong enough to snap another ones neck if he crosses the line! But there are the women that join and give us a bad rep. Anyways, I told him to get it together and do what's right, not some scaredy cat move. After I got off the phone with him, I started flipping through the Bible and came across the following verses for him:1 Thess 5:112 Chro 32:6-8Isaiah 1:17, 35:2-4, 41:9-11, 45:4-6Acts 15:32He called just as I got done reviewing the last one, so I told him about them and that we can go over them next time we see each other. They're basically about encouragement and strength. Hopefully these will help him and others as well.