Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sonnie (younger bro) was in a car accident yesterday on his way to work. He called me at the scene and said that the cops are there and the guy that he smacked into fled the scene. They couldn't find him and no witnesses could remember a discription of the car since was during rush hr. So Sonnie's front end is smashed up but the car still runs ok so the cop let him drive home. Once he got home we found out that because the other vehicle is absent and Sonnie only has liability ins only, his damage is not covered. We took his car to the body repair shop, dropped it off, then went up to the beach since we were in that area. Later, the man called him back with an estimate so Sonnie went to check his balance and found out he doesn't have enough money to cover the cost. And that's just to cover the minimum repair. If he empties out his account, he is still short $500. I told him I got an extra $1,500 in my savings but my VA pay is about to be cut down in April, so I was saving it for when that happens. He told me he will pay me back over the coming month. Hopefully this all works out, or i'm gonna be knee deep in shit! I hate the goverment, and the people responsible for this happening to veterans hopefully pay on judgement day for what they did.