Someone is trying to tell me something...  I went to buy some fattening chips for lunch today, and the shop was shut!!!  Then I went shopping and bought some steak and salad, and actually came home and made it and ate it... and it was lovely.Usually I will buy salad stuff and don't use it - so end up throwing it out cos it's soggy in the bottom of the fridge - it's a shameful waste, but I've actually got the energy to cook!!!  I am hoping that the Lyrica is giving me just enough oomph to start eating properly again - I'd be soooo happy!!!!  I might actually lose some weight.  Do ya reckon I can move that goal marker up just a little??????Work is going pretty well, it's hectic, but I'm enjoying the challenge - I'm also glad I've got tomorrow off - best thing I did was to make sure I get the Wednesdays off.Well, I think my baby boy is moving back in tonight, there goes the peace and quiet.... but it's only for a few weeks, so it will be nice.  I'll have to stock up on food too.