I've been incredibly busy lately. I had a meeting that lasted all day yesterday and then we went out to a nice restaurant for dinner. It was delicious! I had blackened ahi tuna with sticky rice and some type of wasabi mustard sauce. Very spicy! For dessert, I had a melting dark chocolate souffle. Talk about heaven on earth! I posted a question about Paxil and alcohol on the forum... Well, I had a glass of white wine (which was delicious) but I had to stop because I was feeling woozy after half the glass! Yikes!!! A combination of being small and not drinking will really get you fast!

I had a huge anxiety attack last night. It really sucked! I ended up getting to the transit terminal around 8:00 last night. Then I had to wait nearly 20 minutes for my train. There were some sketchy people standing near me, so I moved away from them. I was standing near a lady with 2 kids in a stroller. Her little boy (who was 5 months old and adorable - had to ask) kept looking at me and smiling. Then he started cooing at me so I started talking to him. I absolutely love babies and kids!! So that made me happy and feel more calm. I spoke to the mom a little bit and her daughter was about a week younger than my son. I'm sure she stays very busy! Anyway, my husband had to pick up our son from daycare. So he had to switch cars with me. He had taken the key that I had to his car so that he would have a spare (he loses things easily). I left him a voicemail and an email reminder to leave an ignition key to the car in either the console or glove box so that I could get home. I had the keyless entry so I could get in. I get to my stop and to the car and lock the doors immediately. There are always sketchy people hanging out there so I want to get away as fast as I can. I get in the car and start looking for the key. I can not find it anywhere! I looked in the 2 consoles, cupholders, ashtray, and glove box, and under the seats. Do not see the key. So I call my husband at home. He is clearly irritated by me calling him and saying that I can not find the key. He yelled at me and said that it was right there and I was just missing it. So I kept looking. All the while I am watching the parking lot and there is this dude flashing gang signs about 20 feet away. He finally got into a car and left. Sketchy people kept walking past. Panic started to set in. I called my husband back who said that he would drop whatever he was doing and put on clothes, but first he had to call his sister back. He said to look for 5 minutes more then call back and hung up on me! Grrrr!!!! I'm sitting there having a hard time breathing because I am afraid of the people hanging around. Then he calls me back and asked if I had the key. I said no, IT"S NOT THERE!!! He was like, fine - I'll load up the kid and bring you the key that is already in your car. Do you know how pissed I'll be if I get there and it's right there? I wanted to freakin' scream! I waited on him to get there, I'm timing it all in my head. So he calls a few minutes later to say that he was on his way (I'm hyperventilating a bit at this point) then he said that he was trying to do too much and multitask too much and PUT THE KEY IN THE GLOVE BOX OF THE CAR HE WAS DRIVING!!! Then he apologized to me for fussing at me. But still, damage done.

One would think that he would learn to slow down and take things one minute at a time. He left the garage door open one night (trying to do too much again) and nearly $10,000 worth of bikes were stolen from our garage. My car was rifled through, but nothing taken, because nothing was there. The thing that scared me the most (and this caused another anxiety attack for a few days) is that our doors were unlocked from the garage into the house and this person easily could have gotten into our house! Then, we found one of the bikes for sale on ebay, got the guy arrested (and one bike back). Now I am fearful that this person will come back and try to hurt us. Yep - you guessed it. That causes me extreme anxiety too. not as bad as before though, so I'm happy it's getting better as more time passes.

I need to stop typing and thinking about this - it's not making me very happy. Need to do some work too!