I am really overloaded right now!  I'm in the midst of moving; making arrangements with movers, truck rental, arranging for storage, repair people, going through old boxes, packing packing packing..... I have this big master list of everything I have to do each day to be ready..... Did I say the word "overwhelmed"?  I am, but doing that big list helps cut the overwhelmed feeling down to size.  I just have to keep my eye on the list, and on the task at hand and not look at everything else looming around me. I went out to the storage shed this morning and opened a cardboard box that held some old ceramic items i had wrapped in newspaper that i hadn't looked into for about 5 yrs........out ran hundreds or maybe thousands of huge black beetles, each about an inch long.  It looked like something from an Indiana Jones movie.  As you might guess, I jumped back about 3 feet, and OK, I admit it....shrieking. The bugs had decided the lovely newspaper tunnels in the box made the ideal nest for their own  little bug empire......I have never been so grossed out in my life....I had even bug-bombed the shed before  going in there due to the happy colony of big black widow spiders that live in there I already knew about....the last time I opened the shed door, two huge black widows came running out.....but I ran faster!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Although I didn't even touch one of those bugs, I feel creepy-crawly all over! Needless to say, those ceramic pieces are lost forever! I have never ever ever been so grossed out in my life!!!! Everything in that shed is getting thrown away!!!!! My bf went out and bought a shovel and more bug spray so we can get rid of those boxes.....(totally looking forward to this......NOT)  I have this great outfit on....pant legs tucked into knee socks into boots.....two shirts buttoned up....sleeves tucked into long rubber gloves and another pair over those... a scarf wrapped over my hair, around my neck and tied in back.....what can I say....a space suit is not available....OK, I'm trying to laugh about this, people! Please pray that I survive this ordeal.  I HATE BUGS...........except lightning bugs and lady bugs, which are cool...... So.....can't wait to finish this move.....this one is a doozie... xoxoxo Dianne