Today is my Bf's birthday, and we have gone to gamble on our birthdays ever since I started gambling.....for the last two days, he has mentioned the names of all three local casinos wherever he could slide them in, he has made up funny alternate song lyrics mentioning the casinos and sang along to songs we were listening to.  Last night he even put on one of his casino jackpot T-shirts and wore it around the house all night....Oh, and he asked for a book about gambling for his birthday.....Is he trying to give me a hint or something???? ....LOL..... Oh, and he is dead broke right now due to having to catch up on car payments to avoid his car being repo'd (of course, due to gambling.)  Funny, but I haven't felt terribly tempted by all attitude he for real????   Surely he can't be SERIOUS!   It's like I'm not even taking it seriously that he might be trying to tempt me to take him to the casino.......but then, after all, it IS his birthday, right????   I splurged on some great big steaks and all the fixings, and he is going to get a favorite meal;  he has not one, but two birthday cakes; he has a card and presents, and I will take him out to a movie, or to a club if that is what he wants.....but I'm not taking him to a casino.  I won't even drive by one so he can look at it.....:-)     If anything, I feel a little bit irritated that he is even hinting that I should take him gambling.....maybe I should be more understanding.  I am the one who wanted to quit gambling, he is still in the middle of his addiction.  An addict will do what it takes to feed the addiction.....I just wish he was with me in this.  I am glad I am having a "strong" day today....I guess many of us have close friends or family that want to draw us back into gambling so they can have their "partner in crime"  back.