I got an email from my ex today, wishing me Happy Valentine's day.  He claims he's  been thinking of me  a lot, etc.....he's been trying to reestablish contact for a few weeks now....I felt angry, actually.  I remembered  the Valentine's days that he ignored me, the days I felt sad.   He's trying to manipulate me now for ????  He was my high school sweetheart, we broke up, he came looking for me years later, we married, it didn't work, we broke up....it was a hard one for me.   He was my first love...I acknowledge the power of that.  I loved him very deeply, and he just wasn't there for me in the same way.  He wanted me for a time...I was an investment, a possesion, maybe even a trophy of sorts....but I was never to him what he was to me.  Whatever I did was never quite enough....As for now, I don't appreciate him trying to waltz back into my life to....what??? see if he can???  I still feel sad, sometimes, when I think of how I truly felt for him, and how it was never returned, and how he used my feelings for his gain.  One thing I am happy about is that I don't want to go back to him, and that I don't feel the need to gamble to handle my feelings of anger or sadness about it.  Other than the unpleasant memories his message brought up, it has actually been a good day, with calls and emails from people I care about, and a nice evening with my boyfriend.  I am grateful to have this in my life, and grateful NOT  to be with my ex!  I am also grateful for the people on this site, their support, and the experience they generously share with me.