Today is a good day!  i've pretty much been feeling like crap for the last week.  all sorry for myself and whatnot.  but, i need to realize how good i have things.  part of me knows this, but i just have to keep that in my head.  i'm still well enough to function properly.  i can work, and play, and travel.  i leave for costa rica in under two weeks, and i'm getting excited.  i'm going to push myself a little, see how physical i can still be.  nothing too crazy, but i need to do the things i would normally do.  i'll stop whatever i'm doing if i think something is going wrong, but i need to start being myself.  i told my guys grandparents on the weekend.  they're pretty much my grandparents, as i don't really have any.  i was nervous to tell them, as they are soooo sweet and care about me alot.  we told them and they looked at me with the expression 'so, what else?'  too funny!  turns out, they have a friend that's 90 with MS, and she still lives on her own.  so, there you have it.  for me, things could be much, much worse.