To make things short and simple, it has been a hell of  past few weeks. Since Christmas My father-in-law had fallen and broken his hip. Now to make things worse, He just recently passed away from Cancer of the liver and Kidneys. The awful thing about this is that he was never diagnosed. He went in not feeling well on Thursday, told Friday of the cancer and passed away on Monday (2/10).  We had the funeral on Tuesday (2/17/09), beautiful but sad. The road will be so long for my mother-in-law, I am truly saddened by these events.  Food has been a heavy issue over the past few weeks because of theses events, but I am glad that the scale still moved down since my last weigh in.  In addition to this chaos, I am still studying for my comp exams. One down two to go. I feel the old habits of long eating and studying lurking. I know that this can't happen but I could easily make my self sick.   I will make this happen I need to be successful.