Well we got the results of hubby's prostate biopsy - they did find some cancer.  Dr called it some kind of low grade cancer.  Gee I still hate even thinking abt that word.They are going to make arrangements for a CT scan of the whole abdominal area (I guess there's no point not thinking it's to check for further cancer).  We're keeping it to ourselves right now till we know for sure whats what.I'm honestly not sure how I'm going to handle it down the road.  I try so hard to keep positive but the negative always finds it way to the surface.  I focus on the Lord & that this is the way things are supposed to be but I'm so jumbled in my mind I hope he can sort thru everything.I'm off Prednisone & so far so good (I think).  I've just been so tired sometimes lately but I'm hoping it's just a cold winter thing here in Canada.I feel like I'm aimlessly rambling here so before I bore anyone I'll sign off for now.  I feel like there's so much I wanted to talk abt but can't seem to sort thru it right now.I'll sign off in case my computer decides to act up again.Hopefully I'll communicate with all of you soon, feel like I wish you were all right near me.