Well did my Wed morning at the animal shelter.  Man we're busting at the seams lately.  It just makes me shake my head sometimes at people's carelessness, uncaring, curelty, etc. towards animals.  A pet will have a total unselfish love for you & some people just don't seem to get it.  It's hard work but it sure does wonders for your emotions when you see how happy they are for whatever you can do for them.  We've got a lot of mature cats & they never get adopted that fast cause of their ages yet sometimes they'll get so depressed, it's like they sit there saying "what did I do, why do I have to be here, why does no one love me any more".  Tugs at your hear strings.I've been feeling pretty good lately, chronic but minor issues with my arms, wrists, hands but I find when I use my magnets & wrap my wrists for abt 24 hrs it seems to help it for several days. I see the Naturopath Dr on Friday a.m.  I'm really looking forward to it.  This particular dr has had good results with his work for chronic illness so it might be a whole new view on things.