I had a really bad eating day Saturday. I ate a processed deep fried chicken burger and fries.  I the moved on to chocolate, and who knows what after that.  The good thing is that it didnt even taste good to me, and it turned my stomach so.. I'm not craving it anymore! Ths chocolate is always going to be a weak point for me, but the fried foods are a thing of the past I think. My stomach got so upset! Somehow I still managed to lose 3.5 pounds this week, so not all is lost. I'm going to start swimming every night after work starting tomorrow so I'm sure that will help. I'm going to stock my fridge with lots of healthy food again this week, and do another fridge purging. I had a few cheat foods hidden in there that need to go. I know I'm only cheating myself by having them in there, so, their gone!! Better luck this week hopefully.



Hi Mrs Barker

Sounds like a good plan to stock the fridge with good healthy food. I will do the same and also make some soup. It is cheap and fills you up so you have less room for the high calorie foods.
Hope you have a good week.