4 month's

Hey Sweetheart,
Today is 4 month's and I am feeling it today big time.I still feel like you are going to walk in the door and yet you never do. Thing's have changed so much for me and of course the kid's too. We lost you,the house,and your truck blow's up the same day you died. I just got a notice that the house is fixing to be foreclosed on,no surprise there,I actually thought that was done month's ago. We don't even have our Christmas stuff here,It's all still in Mississippi since you and Trey went to get it and then you died there.It's going to take a truck to get all the stuff up here,it's so different this year because I have had to buy all new stuff except for a box of snowmen that made it here the 1st time we went to get stuff. We bought an ornament for you yesterday,a in memory one and had your name put on it and the date you died,it's one ornament I wish I would have never had to buy. We are trying to hold on,I am so scared about what is going to happen to us in Feb. because that's when they are going to stop giving me the 982 for me having a child under 16. I have to get a job and you know I have no experience doing much. I have to get 800 a month 2 go with what the kid's get,atleast that way we can have some piece of a life. I just wish we had our life back,this one is so hard.We miss u so much, it hurts us so bad all the time. We love you 4ever  me and kid's