4 Long Years

Wow havent written in soooo soooo long !! really not too much has changed , the same pain the same struggles with some new ones thrown in there ... Kate is now in college dont really know how well she is doing hasnt shown us any grades,, Theresa has had some break downs knew it wasnt good for her to watch her sister die,, and Lauren is coming along still a brat sometimes but :)  My husband still struggles everyday he is not the same person and never will be , he will not ever get over this and guess I wont either I just am the one who has to try and keep everything together and somewhat working , Terry ,my hubby, went in for some minor surgery back in feb on his arthritis knee and ended up getting blood clots and still is out of work !! nothing simple in my life...still wish I had some magic power to turn the clock back and "wake " up from all of this... oh well will try and get on here to write think it helps , I really dont have anyone I can talk to that truly understands and doesnt judge!!