4 day countdown

June 26, 2008 I have been having a hard time on the liquid diet, averaging t slimfasts a day getting my water in no problemo, however I seriously have to figure out how to handle the eating away from the house, itallian food for mom's birthday last night, my birthday week before and a last lunch with the "girls" this week, I think it would have been much easier if I hadn't been home for these last two weeks on max leave as the army base I work on is on break from the rotations and so my area are off for one week Normal week off and the second week is all our missed holidays so I have signed up at the gym in town (18 miles away) the heat has kicked in 107-112 degrees out, I got sunburned the other day and hope it fades by surgery on monday or the doc's will laugh at me... bought my protien today from GNC isopure powder chocolate ( I am not a chocolate lover but vanilla or strawberry GAG). have my gymboss timer to remind me to drink drink drink! and my medic alert bracelet arrived this week.  I am not takin any chances should I have an emergeny and have to go to the ER Barstow is not good for listening to the patient so bracelet will be on as soo as I caome home from the hospital next week.  WOW next week my life will have changed drastically!  I measured myself tonight all the embaressing places, waist hips, wrist, ankle thigh and Bust!  how did I allow myself to get so huuge?? some people I have told about the surgery look at me and say you arn't big enough or no way you don't weight that much... boy do they lie but I ramble, I am nervouis that murphy's law is going to kick my butt especially since I dont think I did well on my liquid diet everytime I eat I feel guilt but I still eat. I tell myself I will do better friday and saturday sunday when I am on clear liquids and milk of magnesia I will weigh myself .