Im starting to find that all the reading and the learning just may be a mute point. Becouse it doesn't matter what you learn or even how you do things if the "desire" is not there, there is nothing that YOU or anybody else can do.If the desire to leave is greater than the desire to stay then whats the point??The desire to give up EVERYTHING,you have,and worked so hard for over the years becouse of a desire to be single.To try to make it on your own. Put the kids through hell for YOU, to be single.Well if its need that bad than way wait 6 months just do it now! If it comes right down to it the door may be closed if YOU cant do it on your own. I already know that I cant make it with out help with the bills I know that becouse even thruogh I make good money 1+1=2 but I need 2+2=4