So I put my offer in on the home at 115k this afternoon, and my real estate agent told me someone had an offer in but that it was lower than mine!  Yay!  Pays literally to offer full price sometimes!  She wrote back to me and said we should get a signed deal tomorrow!  Fingers crossed 3rd time is the charm!  :)
I'm feeling a little better today about Jenna, hopefully we just hit a speed bump...I'll write more about us in another entry another day.
I got some more awesome news at the dentist on Friday.  There's a tool that just came out that vibrates your mouth and moves your teeth 50% faster, and you only have to do it for 5 minutes a day!  Cool huh?  So instead of wearing my braces for 16 months, it may only take 8 months!  My dentist rocks!  She also told me my bad tooth she might be able to save.  Otherwise I'd have to get an implant which is really expensive and a painful surgery.  She said since my top and bottom teeth are getting closer the tooth should pull down and the root can have a crown attached again!  She never gives up on a tooth where other dentists would just be trying to take my money.  
So with my good news I'm in a better frame of mind today with everything.  I just get down so fast when something happens because of my depression.  But I'm very strong willed and I'm going to try everything I can to beat my depression when bad news hits and all.  
Till next time and hopefully, I hope a new condo for me!  :)