Some stuff has changed since my last entry.  I terminated the contract with the condo because the seller was being impossible to work with!  OMG...
The inspector told me that the insulation needed to be replaced and it was wet so there could be possible mold.  So we were all set to get a mold test done and the seller wrote a nasty response to our repairs request and said I wasn't allowed to have anymore inspectors in the condo and take the deal or leave it!  So clearly not knowing if it was mold or not I had to walk away...I actually officially terminated the deal today.  Oh, plus my agent told me the whole time we were under contract the seller continued to show the condo which is extremely unethical as other buyers could have come in and outbid me.  Usually when you are under contract with someone as a courtesy you remove the listing or say under contract.  So shame on the seller and her real estate agent!
No worries though, because you always need an ace in the hole... :)  Turns out there was another nicer condo in the same area for almost the same price!  So I quickly checked that out and did a showing Wednesday after work, and the place was beautiful!  2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a shower and a bathtub!  And the bathrooms were in mint condition, the tile work was very clean!  Plus garage and fireplace like the other condo!  
So today I made my offer, and I'm awaiting their response.  *Fingers crossed* they accept.  My real estate agent seemed pretty optimistic, she thinks we will get a response by tomorrow.  That leads me to believe the sellers want out so they might take my offer!  They dropped the price 5k to 129k last month also.  I offered 125k, only 4k less so I think they'll take it I'm sure.  I was in at 123k for the other place, so that's my ace in the hole!  Only 2k difference...6k at the most if they want the full listing price.  ;)
Sorry to sound like The Joker from Batman here haha, but you have to have a plan B in life...Know your exit strategy...
Next Friday I'll be on my 3rd set of braces!  Yay, the time is flying by, only 32 to go, 29 if I don't do the refinement trays.  Going to see Jenna tomorrow and hopefully get the news that the seller accepted!  I'll let you DSers know soon! :)