3rd car accident

On Sunday I ended up getting myself into my 3rd car accident. This is all within the last year.  All three have been my fault. No one was hurt thank goodness but it made me sink to a new low. It is more than just a car accident. When you have to consider the fact that it is your own fault and that you drive an older car which is not worth having collision on the insurance you are basically screwed. It is also very frustrating when you just start working again after being unemployed for about a month and only starting your new jobs just before the accident. My fiance and I share a joint checking account. I have already put him in danger. He was basically the only one making money for that month granted I didn't go out and spend a lot of money I just paid my bills and really pushed it for gas. He has his own bills to take care of like a car payment, credit card bills, cell phone bill. I can't have him lose his car. It will totally ruin his credit. I am starting to be unsure if his parents still like me or not. I know they are looking out for his well being I understand that they are his parents, but it still makes me feel 10 times worse. Basically I am just starting out with 2 new part time jobs with hardly any hours, I am out of a car, but I am driving one of my dads old vehicles for the time being, worried about my fiance's well being and my own, wondering if we can make it out of this situation, hoping that I don't get my license taken away, I am totally broke right now and can't afford to buy a different vehicle, and I feel like I can't do anything to make this situation go away. If anyone has advice for this I welcome that. Mentally I am a wreck right now. I need all the support I can get.