I am playing hookie today from work. Whippie!!! I had one of my oldest and dearest friends call last night. He was just so stress out that I just let him download on me till way past my bedtime. I felt so badly for everything he is going though. Funny, its normally me that has downloaded on him in the past years, but we had grown apart and I hadn't wanted to stress him out with my crap. After two hours I just had to call it a night. Sometimes it can be so draining on me trying to help, but what are friends for? To talk to, to listen to and hear what they are saying to you, to lift your sprits when you are down, to just talk crap, or say hello, I'm here for you.  I have one friend that I see all day long, we talk when I get home on the phone, and before I go to bed almost every night I call her or text her and just say what the fuck?? You would have to understand our relationship. I love her to death..... I have met another wonderful woman on this site, and we either talk or e-mail each other everyday. It does my heart good to be abe to reach out and say I'm here for you and really mean it. I met yet another person on this site in the flesh a few weeks ago. I might just bother him, but I try so very hard to keep the communications going.  Why are friends so hard to find? I mean are people just holdng up in their homes by themselfs? Yes, I find myself vey lonely at times, and when I do i get the hell out of the house, or I call a friend. I would just love to find a long term meaningful relationship and be able to share my life with someone so special to me, but in the mean time that is what friends are for. So to all my friends near and far, I send my love, hopes and dreams for you. And thank you sooooo much for being there for me as I always will be for you.