Friday finally!!! It has been such a long week. I have been completely enjoying my re-newed love of music. Last night was the love songs channel, my favoite,  OMG Engerbert Humperdink. That man could sign my heart happy every day of every week. What ever happen to song writers writing from their hearts? Is it a lost emotion?? I listened to soooo many romantic songs which just made my heart go pitter patter. Went to sleep feeling so peaceful. Far from my normal fuck it mode. Who would have thought that the music I gave up had this type of effect on me. Woke up this morning and turned it back on while I was getting ready for work. Nothing like humming and singing though your morning. I feel so good. I will never give this up for anyone ever again. Not much planned for the week-end. Fixing up my front flower garden, a little shopping to get my best friend a birthday present, she has been reminding me for a two weeks that its next week. She is a nut case, and I am clueless what to get her. So I suppose I will be at the mall awhile. I always make sure to buy special people in my life specially hand picked items that I know they will love. Had the house keepers at the house last week-end, but there is dog hair everywhere, and even that is an understatement. So I guess I will be taking care of that as well. Going to just take it easy and listen to some more music!!! I had a few offers to go out this week-end, but right now I think I need to work on myself a bit. I am enjoying getting to know myself again. Hell, I think I am beginning to like this person. I might even take myself out to a great resturant and treat myself this week-end, and maybe even go in for another massage. Already set up an appointment to have my nails and peticure done, after the garden is done. Its time to be a little selfish I think. So its all good!!!!! As a matter of fact, I am feeling pretty fucking wonderful!!!!!!!!