Better Day

 I am having a better day today.  Mom seems to be coming around and doing much better and walking better.  Still having trouble with her short term memory but that is to be expected.  I did the treadmill yesterday nd put the incline med and boy did it hurt the upper body, I didn't hold on to the handles like I do I used my arms to swing alittle what a work out.  I am down 1 more lb better then nothing or gaining.  It is raining out you know it is spring.  My hubby was trying to help me feel less like a failure and I no he means well and I love him with all his support.  I am actually missing work, they called for me to work tonight and I would like to go but I can't leave mom alone in the morning while I get sleep. Any way I am just glad to be feeling better about myself.  Thanks to all who have gave me support.