38th post

A while back there was some drama between me and a group of other people. For the record, they started it by bothering me and my friends, backtalking, and lying about us. Not something I normally care about until they started getting really incredibly personal about it. That's when I got pissed off. There was no reason for what they did, and in return, I only went down to their level to make them stop. What they might have viewed as fun I viewed as cyberbullying. But now they have stopped, I will stop. I am done with that, and hopefully they are too. Drama is ridiculous, and no one should be causing that. No one should care, to be honest. I learned my lesson from that experience, hopefully they can too. On to different news. March 28 is coming up again, and I am actually looking forward to that on a very positive level. As a writer, I view that day as an important reminder of events and a way to reflect on things, and as such I can use it to write more. On another note it means I can celebrate in other ways (beer for one, since I'm going to be legal age), and I'm making plans as I go along. It's definitely going to be an amazing one. For one, this year I found someone that I'm very much in love with and I want her to know that I love her no matter what. So here's something for her: Lamcey, oui ryja ymfyoc paah drana vun sa yht oui ryja ymfyoc rambat sa uid fedr so bancuhym ecciac. E zicd fyhd oui du ghuf dryd E's ymfyoc ynuiht yht E femm ymfyoc lyna vun oui. Oui'ja paah ruhacd, dnidrvim, luum, yht zicd ypcumidamo banvald. E drehg dryd drehkc padfaah ic ryja uhmo kuddah cdnuhkan, yht E ruba oui drehg cu duu. E femm ymfyoc muja oui hu syddan fryd. Oui'na ihexia eh dryd cbaleym fyo dryd sygac oui dra sucd hudelaypma. E ymcu ryja du dryhg oui vun dra hekrdc fa ryja crynat (frah E chilg uid du saad ib fedr oui). E ruba dryd oui lyh cbaht desa fedr sa uh Synlr 28, palyica E fuimt dnimo yht taabmo ybbnaleyda yht jymia ed. E muja oui Lamcey. For now though, I am continuing with my writing, volunteer work, and just enjoying life in general. I look forward to the future, and the fact that I can enjoy this march 28 fedr Lamcey, dra uha E dnimo jymia yht muja. Just because it's an online relationship, doesn't change things on that much of a level. I'm here for you Celsia, and I always will be. -- I had fun at Tori's party. That was awesome times. Though for me to tell it would not accurately describe how fun it was. I will say that I had fun, and that hopefully things will be better. Tori's a cool friend and I hope she knows that. Everyone there had fun. I know that more fun times await, even if it was a going away party.