My bf wrote all this for me, he is such a dork, and i love him, i just found this and read it again and decided to share it. it is probably one of the most wonderful things anyone has said to me.  A Woman’s StrengthA woman’s words,Strong and loving,soft but notoverbearing.A woman’s beauty,elegant, not knowing.Makes men tremblesimple and glowing.A woman’s lips,veluptuous and full, makinghearts have a hiatus.A woman’s mind,so small and simple,can make mountains movelike its a mere thimble.A woman’s touch,enough to makea still tree, startto quiver and quake.A woman’s embraceso sensual and divine,takes my breathaway every time.All together leavinga force to be recognized and known,A woman’s strengthcan take a pitfall, thrashing or stone.I see all this in you Teshia.  I know you have the strength in you to love yourself again.  You will pull out of this downward whirlwind, I assure you.  It may not be tomorrow, next week, or next month, but I, we will get through this no matter what.  I appreciate the fact that you have brought me out of my hole of not believing in love, I only wish to help you the way you have helped me, and possibly more.  I know you’re thinking, that is not my job, I am not saying it is, but I must show my appreciation some how.  Do you know when I see your strength emerging the most?  When you are not even noticing it, such as the way you can walk into a room and make all heads turn,  the way your eyes light up when you speak of your passions, the way you look at me and ask which way i like your hair.  It may seem at these points in time that I am unknowing, but I am just mesmorized of the how radiant and unknowingly beautiful you look.  I only wish you could read my mind sometimes, to clue you in on the way you make me feel, the things i want to talk about and do with you.  I must go back to bed, just remember you are a stong person and an even more powerful woman.  I love you.  Please don’t just delete this powm and say, “he doesn’t know me or my situations.”  I may not, but I sewe how they are affecting you and your life, and I hate that, it tears me apart inside knowing you are hurting, and I can’t help.  Good night.