Hello Everyone..........
Well I'm pleased to say its been another G/F week. Although I must admit that I was very close to falling off the truck but somehow I managed to resist the temptation. I think the reason why I didnt was that I stopped asked myself for 10 minutes before I would go and to think about what might happen if I went to gamble and the answers that I gave myself stopped me in my tracks.
ANSWER NO 1 I will feel like shit if I loose.
ANSWER NO 2 I will feel good if I win
ANSWER NO 3 I will have a better than 50% chance of loosing
ANSWER NO 4 See answer no 1
So with a bit of positive thinking and just taking a little time out I felt that I overcame the urge and actually won by not going in the first place.
So I think that this may help in the future when the gambling bug is nibbling at me.
I sincerley hope you are all doing well and keeping strong in your battles with this horrible addiction. Remember if we dont have a bet we cant loose.
Looking forward to another G/F week this week....

Best Wishes to you all