Sorry I disappeared for a few days. I actually took Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday off and just sat around napping, watching soaps and eating bon-bon’s, yep I got the bon-bon’s, what the hey right! Babies need a little fat/cholesterol ;0) Everything went well, the doctors are hopeful, only thing that caught us by surprise is they needed all 7 and they didn’t take as well to the “de-frosting” so they ended up putting back 3 embryos a 7, 5 and a 3 cell. I don’t need to tell any of you how much I’m hoping that one takes. So a little story that points out the difference between a man and a woman during this. The doctor comes to tell us about the embryo’s, tells us we’re getting 3, the there are no more, etc and walks away. My DH starts shaking his head and muttering something about “ok 3…did we know that…no…ok…” then looks at me “are you ok”, “yeah I’m fine”, not believing me asks again. I wasn’t, rational or not and I not it’s not, I just could get past the fact that 5 didn’t make it, we lost 5 “babies” in the span of 15 minutes. That thought never even occurred to him, but then the odd feeling of abandonment I felt leaving the day of the retrieval didn’t either, nor did the tears that fall when their placed back in me because they were “home”. These are the very real feelings that our husbands no matter how in tune just don’t get, it’s all part of this crazy often mind-boggling experience.   So it’s official I’m in that hell that we call 2ww. Terrified that well I can’t even bring myself to say or type it and of course I don’t have to, which actually bring me a sense of peace. I’m finding myself far more cautiously optimistic and less positively hopeful this time around and once again only you ladies can truly understand the subtle difference.  I’m calm but I wonder if I’m too clam. Anyway, I’ll just try and stay sane, take it easy, stay hopeful.   Thank you for your well wishes, as you know they’re appreciated so very much and keep’em coming ;0)