Frick, frick, FRICK...just woke up and it's freaking snowing AGAIN! When I woke up at 5am, it had stopped and not much piled up, just a heavey dusting. It's starting again! Better move out quickly and out to sea not down the coast, I have spent too much time, effort not to mention $$$ for people not to be able to get to the party! His sister's here already and his Mom but his best friend, his crazest friend, and cousins are coming up today, that would be SO disappointing for him, and although I know it's not nearly as important that 9 heads I have already paided for which is weighing slightly, but not nearly as much as the spending time with them and seeing DH face when he sees everyone. Oh and this should be interesting...I have to go out and get the cake and stuff so I need to take my car which is inside the driveway, normally I'd just take his, so now I have to clean he car off and mine, and swap them and hope that he fine nothing odd about my behavior-yeah! Or do I take the stuff in my car (favors, party stuff) out, put it in his car and take his, trick to this is not having him see me doing this, might find that behavior odd too. DAMN it should have switched cars last night, or I wish he would have been home on time and therefore been in the driveway already. Ok I think all this plotting and scheming is getting to me, I'm losing it. It'll all work out, I should calm down. Well on an IF note, I certianly have myself a distraction now don't I!