I am cautiously optimistic; got the call yesterday Insurance approved our cycle! We just need to pay our deductible and 20% co-pay and I have to check into if my RE is in or out of network, I got the form if she’s out I think I’ll fill it out and send it in just in case. So aside from getting them the cash, gulp, I’ll just be waiting for AF. In the meantime, I’m looking into Acupuncture and Message Therapy, and will be getting my self together, would like to lose a few before I start the drugs again. I also have to improve my diet a bit, my Mom pointed out that on the Estrace I need to be keeping a very close watch on what I’m eating. I can’t do anything for my high-cholesterol aside for diet and maybe chia seeds and fish oil, but the estrogen is going to raise it so it best if I keep pretty strict. Got a copy of my new insurance policy as it relates to IF, so I’ve got it in black and white, so I think I’ve done just about all a can to avoid the bumps. How have to concentrate on getting my mind and body prepared for the cycle, and the fun of planning for DH surprise party, which will be a happy and welcomed diversion. So far I have about 24 people coming, I’m assuming that his out of town friend are still planning, he’ll be SOOOOO surprised. Only little thing I’ve got to worry about is the fact that in trying to put away money for the party I’m not putting as much into the DH account, he pays most of the house bills, normally he doesn’t even notice but of course last week he mentioned it – ARGH! Ooops! Fully intend to catch up after the party but I can’t exactly tell him that. He just needs to get back to NOT noticing just for another month. ;0)



Wow, it sounds like we are both on the same page. I too am focusing on my health, working out and getting both my mind and body in shape for the possiblity of IVF in April( having a lap done next Friday RE thinks BOTH my tubes are blocked. Kudos to you, it sounds like you are going to be in wonderful form for your next cycle. Accupuncture and massage are suppose to be great. I think Accu little more just because it really improves circulation and clears any blockages. The other thing that I am doing is meditation. It is soooo relaxing and very soothingto the spirit. If you like I can send you a few links?

Take care,