Okay well I went for the test today.  My chest hurts now and I am tired.  Okay the nuclear stress test does involve the treadmill.  You can only have a glass of orange juice and 2 pieces of toast for breakfast and nothing for lunch.  You cant have any water or anything.  I usually wake up and drink a bottle of water and then drink at least one bottle before lunch so I felt sooo dehydrated.  My apt was at 1pm.They have to start an IV.  They couldnt get it to go in my hand because my veins were soo flat because of dehydration.  so they let me have a cup of water and put the iv in the bend of my arm. First, they inject you with dye and then you have to wait an hr and then you do a gamma scan (it shows how the heart is working if it is pumping blood to the whole heart ect.  also if it isnt it shows exactly where your heart isnt getting blood ect.)   Then you excercise on a treadmill (it was rough at the end my chest hurt and I was breathing very hard) they get your heart rate up to your max heart rate.  Then they inject you again (this is done while you are exercising.  and then they let you go eat (by this time it is 3:40 so I am starving! you get about an hr ) and then you do another scan.  So a lot of it was waiting.  I get the results next week (tues) when I go for a follow up.  Good news.... I slept all night last night for the first time in almost a week!!  The medicine helped me with the chest pain and I could sleep!!  But I have to remember to take it right before I go to bed because it makes me sleepy so I cant take it when I take my other meds.   My chest hurts now but before the stress thest the pain was much better.  I found out that they wont be doing the CT of the heart like they originally wanted to because the insurance said it would take a month for them to process approval. So they did this nuclear stress stest instead.  Even though the medicine is helping I think it is important to find out what is causing it and not just treat the symptoms.