Good morning all. It's been a few days since I updated, but nothing much has been going on. I did a half dose of Betaseron Friday evening, had a pretty good weekend, then Monday the depression hit. It wasn't nearly as bad as it was before, and it was gone by Tuesday, so I think the half dose will work. I may do it this week on Thursday, so if the depression hits with the same schedule, it should be over by Monday. This is just a trial and error period I suppose, but I really don't want many more errors. I will do another half dose this week, then next week the doc wanted me to try a full dose, but I think I will do a 3/4 dose first. I just absolutely canot stand to get as depressed as I was a few weeks ago, that was the most horrible period of my life and I will not relive it. I think even Greg is beginning to agree with me, and he would almost rather deal with a flare-up than that sort of depression.   On a good note.....I went to watch my 7 year old nephew play his first T-ball game Sunday afternoon. He has Downs Syndrome, and is playing in the Challengers League. These are the most amazing people that run this league, they have so much patience with these special needs kids. Every child gets to bat, and score a run, and they just have a great time in general. I wish I had the patience to volunteer with them, but I know I don't so I won't even try. It was so cute watching WC (nephew) run to 3rd base after he hit the ball, or run to the opposing teams dug-out, at the end of the game he had on his teams jersey and the opposing teams cap. But he was happy. :-)   Work is going well, I love working in the afternoons. I am so not a morning person, and I am much more productive after lunch, so my boss thinks it's a good idea too. And I'm getting more sleep and rest, so it's a good deal all around. I may be about to take on a little more responsibility at work, transcribing for a medical case manager, but I think I can handle it with no problems. Our business is growing so fast, and hopefully it won't be too much longer before I can work from home.   So anyway, I hope everyone has a great day, and I'll write again soon.