Seems that all my journal entries lately have been rambling nonsense, I guess that means that at least nothing bad is happening. It's Friday afternoon, 'bout 5:30, and I'm sitting here in my big fuzzy robe watching it rain and waiting on Greg to get home. I was trying to take a snooze earlier, then my dad called and woke me up so I just got up. At least I will be able to sleep in tomorrow.  I'm trying a little experiment at work, I am trying to make my work area more ergonomically correct. I repositioned my mouse, keyboard and monitor, and it really does seem to help things. The past couple of days my shoulder has not hurt nearly as bad, and it's more comfortable to sit at my desk now. I need to raise the desk itself up about 3-4 inches, Greg says he will help me put some bricks or something under it. Then I think I will be set. Today was a good day at work, my co-worker brought her baby again today, and that's always nice. For future reference, I will call the baby T-Man. I'm sure there will be plenty of him in my future journal entries, I love that baby so much. He just smiles at me all the time, and he loves for me to hold him and bounce him on my lap. He's about ready to let loose with a big ol' belly laugh, and I sure hope I'm there to see it.  I went shopping with my mom yesterday afternoon. We went to the mall, and a couple of other stores. By the time we got home, mom said she wasn't feeling so well. There's been a virus of some sort going around my area lately, and last weekend my step-father was sick, so I guess now mom is getting it. I'm sure hoping I don't, I don't have time or energy to be sick. I have been suffering from a severe lack of energy lately, seems like all I want to do is sleep, but when I go to bed, I don't sleep that well. It's a never-ending, vicious cycle. Greg is off for the next 5 days, so hopefully both of us will catch up on some sleep.  Well, that's about all the useless drivel I can come up with, so I will write more later. I hope everyone has a great weekend, and remember, I LOVE YOU ALL!!