I'm writing in orange today in honor of Norman, 'cause he was so sweet last night. I was having trouble going to sleep, as usual, and he curled up on my back and started purring. OMG, that has to be better than a massage, it was so soothing, and I dropped right off to sleep. I think he was trying to make up for all the times he wakes me up at3:00 AM.  I've been feeling a little strange this week, kinda like the inside of my head is numb, if that makes any sense. It's almost like the crash after IV Solumedrol, but not near as bad. It's not as bad today as it was yesterday, so hopefully it will go away soon. I think a lot of it is stress, and not sleeping well, but things are going to be much less stressful around here in a few more weeks, so that ought to help things.  I want to say a few words here about Greg, my husband. Sometimes (well ok, a LOT of times) I take him for granted. I get so wound up in my own problems that I tend to forget how wonderful he really is. He is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, and there are days where I could kick him in the family jewels, but I love him beyond all reason. I fail to tell him that, and I surely don't show him like I should, but I cannot imagine my life without him. We are so in tune with each other that we finish each other's sentences, and it's hard to tell where he ends and I begin. We really have a very deep spiritual connection, and I hope to god we never lose that. I guess what brought all this on is that when I got home yesterday, he had done the laundry and he cooked dinner, and I told him thank you, but sometimes thank you just isn't enough. So baby, when you read this, and I know you will, I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!!! And, I loved you first. (a little inside joke there, lol)