Well good Saturday morning to you all. Yesterday was a day straight from hell, came home from work to no lights because someone forgot to pay the electric bill. (There are 2 people in my household, and one has memory issues, you figure it out, lol) It took $100 reconnection fee and about 2 hours, but they got it turned back on about 6:00 PM. Today will be better, because I'm choosing to make it so. I'm sitting here with my cat and my coffee (God bless Maxwell House & Mr. Coffee) counting all my blessings, and the list keeps growing.....Deb's Blessings 1. I woke up this morning.2. I am able to see, walk, talk and laugh.(I may not be able to tomorrow, but today is the only day I'm worried about.)3. I have so many good friends here on DS.4. I have a husband that is supportive, and that I know loves me, and that I love very much, even though I want to kill him about twice a week.5. I have a roof over my head, ice cream in the freezer, and about $20 in the bank.6. I live right next door to my mom, who is making me lunch today.7.  I have a great sister and bro-in-law, and two WONDERFUL nephews. 8. I have a decent vehicle and about a half tank of gas.9. I have a part time job that I actually don't mind going to.10. My neurotic cat didn't wake me up at 2:30 this morning.I'm sure if I sat and thought awhile, this list would be endless. I'll stop for now, and write more later.