If anyone asks what I do for fun and intertainment, I usually can't say much.  I have had so many reasons for not going anywhere other than resturants and grocery stores for so long that I have no where else to go!  Time,money and now arthritis has stopped me from having any kind of fun.  Oh and places I would have liked to go to had smoking allowed and I can't breath that stuff anymore!  Now they have smoke free bowling alleys but my hands and shoulder say forget it!  I use to love to shoot pool (smokers there), I loved going to the movies( can't stay comfortable for long), I would love to go to live theater(in bad area,husband refuses to go in) Museums( been there, done that and over them), Aquarium( would love to go again but never seems to be enough time or remember too late) Zoo (was fun when I was a kid and for a while with my children, but lost interest), sports such as our favorite football team( husband says is too expensive and I will eventually be very uncomfortable in my seat!  So I am now limited to what I can enjoy and have available! We talk about going traveling all over the States but that wont be till hubby retires and we will probably both be too broken and too much pain to handle it! Plus I am 10yrs older than him! I could kick myself for stop doing my yoga exercise for almost a year!  I am back to it again and hope nothing stops me again! So my intertainment is reading library books ( when my hands don't hurt too much to hold the book and or I'm not too sleepy to see the words),TV, when there is anything worth watching, talking to friends online, playing games online, go out to garden and pull weeds when the weather is nice(until my hands and back give me heck!), Crossword puzzles occasionally, going to the mall when they have the Christmas decorations up or just when it's been a while and take a stroll around to see if anything is new there.  So the only thing left is eating out! Well you do that enough tiimes and not only do you tend to gain too much weight but you can't  think of one place that you would like to go to more than any other place to eat! So life has become very boring unless my grandkids are here to visit.  Which isn't often lately cause my daughter has started in college to become a pharmacist and has very little time to visit. Can only hope for one sunday a month as it is.  And she will have like 6yrs of school before she is a full fledged pharmacist!  But don't get me wrong, I'm happy for many things I have and don't have! LOL!  I just wanted  to explain why I am so boring! LOL! So don't worry about me, my friends I am not depressed about my situation! Just accepting of the situation for what it is.May all my friends be happy and content in there surroundings!  :  )



Hun you are not boring. Life is hard I know. There are things you can do I will pray that God will guide you to these soon. You should never give up on life. Life while it like a bad camping trip also is a gift . Its up to you to see the ways you can make life better for you or someone else. Hang in there . Big hugs