Here I was starting to feel just a little calmer when I slamed my knee with truck door! OUCH!  I can still walk and I only have a small bump about the size of a quarter just under my knee!  This is what I get for telling my husband that I don't need him to help me in and out of truck! LOL! Anyway it only hurts if I stand on that leg too long or sit too long and it hurts for first few steps. Oh and if I forget and cross my legs! LOL! Other than that , my husband is now feeling good enough to start painting the interior of our house! YEAY!  Finally!  Last time it was done was 20yrs ago!  So since he isn't allowed to go back to work yet he needs something to do. I also want to thank everyone for their kind words and support! As soon as I am able to get back to my old self , I will return the favor happily! May all my friends have a safe and happy day!  :  )