Went to work with hubby just to get out of the house! Very breezy and warm! My hair wouldn't stay out of my face! We have been real blessed that the weather has been mostly great! Still dealing with hives,headaches ect... I dont want to complain so much as just want to find a way to solve them! So lately all I want to do is read books or play solitaire as long as my head and eyes will allow ! Yeaterday I did pull some weeds out of my front garden until my head, hands and hips said they had enough! I really would like to pull some of the plants along with the weeds but since we need to replace the gutters they keep the soil from being pounded!  My oldest son planted them for me before he went to boot camp and I loved them for a couple of years! But now they grow like weeds and I want something else there!  It's just one of a million things that I have to wait to do what I want because of other things that have to come first! And they cant be done yet because of the cost and time is not there right now!  Sometimes I feel like I will be too old or die before that time comes!  And one of the things is having the old paneling removed, because I think I am allergic to it! The whole house use to be paneled except the kitchen! It was removed from all but two rooms because of termites 22 years ago.  And the pc that I use is in one of those rooms! Just another reason I'm not on DS all the time! May u all have a happy,safe and painless week! :)