Just finished doing Yoga. I had thought I wasn't going to do it today cause my husband put cement blocks all over middle of living room where I work out! When I tell him what he did, he's sorry but expects me to figure out where he could have put them! See, it's all about him and never considering how everything he does affects me!  Well I did figure a way but I'm still irritated with him because he has higher IQ than me and just like the boys only uses it when it suits them!  Don't get me wrong he is a good person! But he tends to be more considerate with everyone other than his family! I will continue to point this out to him til he gets it right or he will suffer the consequinces!! when we finally move he has already been warned that all of his old habits will no longer be excused! Simply because the next place must have garage and plenty closets and large shed or he will have to build one(which he did here so I know he can again!) and whatever else space he needs so my kitchen table ,living room floor will not be used for his business or any other project he can come up with! My house looks like I need to call one of those TV shows to come here and save us from HIS mess!  I may have created the monster by feeling sorry for the strict life he grew up in! But he has been warned the monster aint living with us when we move!  Well other than that I'm great and hope all my friends here are too! :)