36 days smoke free

Long day.. but it was good. 5am van this morning to Houston, got rid of the rest of the trip to Detroit.. I was burned out from flying 4 days...wanted to come home..so I did!
Took a nap & hopped on the 3pm flt to Phx. Slept all the way.. Then got home.. and went to a 5pm Coda meeting, had dinner with my good friend, hung out with my son, helped my friend move her table since I am sooo strong and I went to the gym did the stairclimber 30 min, treadmill 15 min and bike 20 min.
My sister called me who never calls, thanking me for the b-day gift I sent her. She said my mom who saw me over the weekend said I looked great and had lost weight. My sister was like by the way are you working out right now..it was 9pm.. I told her exercise makes me feel good.. Gave up all my bad habits .. drinking and smoking..
I feel better.. Took a lower dose of Luvox and it helped, plus I took this stomach med tagament twice today...
Glad to be home with my sweet son!!!  I missed him!!



Your life sounds so interesting!!!!! (((((Hugs))))))