First off I apologize for not keeping in touch.  My life has been a little nuts in the last couple of weeks.  Between doctor appointments for me, dentist appointments with my daughter, working, the flu, stress, and feeling pretty crappy I have been spending more time in bed when I am at home than anything else.   I finally got all the test results back, and I have to have a small surgery to remove part of my cervix.  I'm working with my doc to see if we can find an referral to just have all my plumbing removed so I won't have to worry about anything anymore.  It would get rid of the fibroids and the  cancerous cells all in one fell swoop.  My main doc is not a gyno so she can't make the recommendation for me.  I did get some good news though, I found out that I qualify for Insurance at no cost to me through the state.  It is real insurance and not medical through DSHS.  Pretty cool.  Just have to provide a ton of info to get it.  So if the one program I am under won't cover the surgery the insurance should.  So if I can't get everything together to get the big surgery I have to have the little one to at least take care of the bit of cancer.  It's really small and they should be able to get it all.  I'm not going to have the chemo or radiation or anything else they are thinking.  But we will see.  That one is scheduled on April 14th.     So stress level is pretty high.  And the place where my daughter and I are working might be out of business by the first of next week.  Not a really bad thing for me but this is my daughters full time job.  She and her boyfriend are just getting ready to move in together and she needs her job.  But if they do shut down she is going to speed up her goal of going to school for a dental assistant.     I can't wait for summer to get here.  Usually summer is the best season for me.  It is warm and just the right amount of humidity.  I am hoping that things can be somewhat normal then.   I just wanted to let everyone know that I think about you guys all the time.