Been having more freakish dreams again.......this one seemed like an epic but i will summerise.....Two dodgy blokes and a swimming pool full of dead people just floating about and me in the middle of it all????......the next one was that my aunt and uncle ( both in their fifties) had another child and called him deiago(sp) very strange......last but not least......i was late for my night out and i couldnt seem to get there, i was also back in my home town, so i ended up drinking a vodka and lemonade in a supermarket after being soaked by the rain!!!!!!!  I definatley never want to read a dream book about any of those, and they were just one nights worth.....AAArrrghhhh.               Work is still a complete pisser at the moment and i feel like a coyled spring waiting to ping. If this bloody supervisor stares at me one more time i think i might swing for her. this has just been something that has annoyed me for a long time...i just cant hack people staring, especially when you know that they are doing it even when your back is turned...For shame i say to them!!!!