Good Day

Let me start out talking about yesterday. It was a day. The night before as I am helping hubby into bed he tells me that he noticed that his friends that he thought were his friends are not really his friends. He said that if they were true friends that they would have come to visit him. That he has been home for 3 weeks and not one of his friends has stopped by. I had nothing to say to that because I noticed it a while ago, but I was not going to say anything to him. I said that right now we are not focusing on how many people stop by, we are going to work on getting him better. That when he gets better and his so called friends ask why he is not coming over that he can ask them why they did not stop to see him when he could not come see them.  Now on to yesterday. It was just kind of a blah day to begin with and hubby is still kinda upset about the friend thing. I decided that I was going to get dressed, put some makeup on and go to town and treat myself. I was going to go to my old salon and get my hair done. So I go to get in the van and it is deader than dead. I calmly came back inside and said that I could not go to town. Well hubby got on the phone and called a guy that I normally cut his hair and asked if he could come and fic my van. He said that he would come over today and fix it for me.  So today was a much better day. I went into town and got my hair done and now I feel a little better about myself. They were begging me to come back to work. I told them that I just could not come back yet. It really made me feel wanted though.  Thought for the day..........You may just be one peson in all the world, but to one person, you are the world.