My body hurts, I had to help the hospital on getting hubby up and I don't understand why they make it so hard. I do it by myself here at the house. I think that the extra people made hubby not try as hard as he normally does because he was not trying. Oh well yesterday is over and today is a new day. On the wayhome from hospital last night I just wanted to go shopping. Well living in a small town, I did not feel like driving to the next town, so what did I do. I went to the drugstore. It helped I just slowly walked up and down the asiles. bought some things and came home. Felt really good just to do something I wanted for a change.Had to get tough with Hubby yesterday. He was getting frustrated that he could not talk with the vent on and told me that he wanted his trach out and that he was done with all of the machines. I finally said that if he did that he would end up back on the bipap and that he would continue to get worse and that I would have to do that much more work for him. I made it seem like he would be putting me in a spot where he did not want to see me. It worked, he shut up and said that he was sorry and that somehow we would get through all of this.Thought for the day......Who know what tomorrow brings. Don't save the good china for special occasions. Use it often.