I am staying home from the hosital today to get the house cleaned for when hubby comes home. I hope it won't be long this time. I know that I need to wash all the bedsheets and pillows to keep all the germs away. I just called to check on him and thay had just changed his trach and some of his antibiotics. They said that his potasium level was up. I forgot to ask about his kidneys, I will ask when I call tonight. They had to give him  3 units of blood for some reason or another. Hopefully that will help. Wish I could talk to him, but I know that he is on the vent and can't talk. At least yesterday he stayed awake all day and was not confused. At times he was a little, but pretty much back to his normal. We did some talking about what it is gonna be like when he comes home this time and I told him that he is gonna have to work at staying healthy. We were going to change how we ate and we were going to get up and excersize. that alot of things were going to change and he was going to get healthy again. I need to get healthy too and that we are going to do this together. He said ok, but wait til he gets home and I tell him no. Lets see how mad he gets. But tough, if he wants something he will have to getup and get it or do without. Thought for the day........When you are tired, Go to bed.