Yesterday I survived a trip to the dentist. The good news was that one tooth which looked like it needed filling did not but the other one took well on an hour to fix. No pain - but I am an absolute coward when it comes to dentists. Fortunately I have a wonderful dentist who takes my misery very seriously! She is also very conscious of my MS and takes that into account also.
The bad news is that I have two more visits. My doctor who also understands my fears had given me a script for valium so I was pretty mellow when I got there!
Today I have much more energy - so I am certain that the visit had been playing on my mind.
Isn't it crazy- I give myself injections and when the doc gave me a flu shot, I didn't flinch. So why do dentists fill me with such dread?
Probably stems back to childhood when I had an unforgettable visit to a dentist and remained 'scared for life'.
Easter long weekend coming up. No plans - mainly because I have no desire to brave the roads which seem to be filled with fruitcakes on a long weekend. The weather is glorious,and today I feel pretty good!
Happy Easter to all my friends.



I hate to go to the dentist too. When I was a kid, there was one dentist that held me down. Being a kid I started kicking and screaming. He had a crutch and I kicked it out from underneath him. He refuse to work on me any more. I had to go to a children\'s dentist.

Have a Happy Easter!!