Lots of rain here today. Hoping to get into town to go to aqua aerobics. Then to lunch with a friend.
The weekend hopefully will bring painting the wall of the toilet after the new toilet didn't match up with where the old one was.
The toilet is a story in itself. I broke the old one - not from sitting on it, though that would be a possibility given the time I spend waiting for something to happen - but no, the bowl broke when I cleaned it and tapped the rim with the toilet brush and a big chunk (of toilet) fell off.
I bought a new toilet (on special at the hardware store) about two weeks ago. A plumber was finally rounded up this week. What a saga.
Luckily since being dx with MS I have lost any sense of urgency to get stuff done!



You have more energy than I do! I would have left the wall the way it was new toilet or not, You have got alot of ambition to take on such a task.

I know you don\'t write journal entries very often, so it is very interesting to read what is going on in your life. I think about you everytime I send you an email joke, and wonder what type of woman you are. Just the curious nature in me. Enjoy your weekend making your bathroom beautiful! Lynne

I hope you got to go to aqua aerobics. I do not have the energy or time to do anything like that. And plus tackling a job of painting. I agree with Lynne. I probably would have just left the wall like it is. Have fun painting!!