If you have a look at my photos you'll see one of the possum which comes to visit the workshop. It's a shot of it between rolls of copper wire. Very cute! It's the most unlikely spot to find a possum, in the midst of work benches , tools and electric motors but maybe it likes the shiney copper!Although we live in the bush we are not surrounded by kangaroos or koalas - we see a huge variety of bird life and endless insects but the possum is a bit of a rarity coming so close to human activity.The cats are still bringing in lizards and frogs but so far the baby, Willy, hasn't caught any birds. Reggie brought in a huge rat the other day and she was pretty pleased with herself. I think I praised her too much because a few days later she caught a bat. When I saw it under the table I thought it was another rat, but unfortunately it was a small bat - with its wings chewed off. This is a cat who would eat 24/7 if the food was available and I cant imagine what compelled her to just eat the wings.Most nights when I get up to go to the toilet there is a frog in to house, being tormented by one of the cats. I pick them up and put them out - probably only to be eaten by some other creature but if I leave them inside I may step on them. Stepping on a frog in the middle of the night isn't something I'd recommend!